Radio Producer




About Me

Hi, I'm Pete.

I make radio, films and music.

I live in Portland, Maine, and have a dog named Caribou. You can see a cute picture of her if you picture a German Shepherd named Caribou in your mind. I went to elementary school in Virginia, high school in Germany, and college in Boston. I used to do improv and stand up comedy in Boston and NYC, but right now I’m more interested in storytelling in the most general sense.

What I’m Working On Now

CIA in Laos. I am currently working on an hourlong radio documentary for BBC World Service about the CIA’s secret war in Laos. It should air sometime in the fall.

Square One. I recently finished original scoring work for a forthcoming podcast from Audible Germany.

Boys Camp. I just finished my first film called Boys Camp. It’s a documentary comedy about a failed American rock band. I think it’s like a mixture of Almost Famous and Vernon, FL. It was produced in collaboration with Nick Farago of Light Fighter Film. Here is a link to the Kickstarter page.

Ha Ha. I am writing my first nonfiction book. The working title is Ha Ha: How Humor Keeps Societies Sane. It’s taking a while.

Secret Stories. As always, I’ve got a stack of stories for radio, writing, and film that I’m trying to find homes for. I can’t tell you what these secret stories are, of course, but more soon.